Vashon Island

Spinnaker Building sold to Sea Mar Community Health Centers

Well, the Spinnaker building (17710 100th Ave SW, Vashon, WA 98070) has sold once again. This time to the Sea Mar Community Health Centers. Prime spot up town sold for $1.1 million dollars. Personally, I think that’s a steal for the location. The building is old and configured weird for a medical facility. Even though leveling the building would be sad, I think it would be a great location for a new, modern building.

I can remember my dad hanging out up at the Spinnaker. Grandma use to take me, my mom and my brother there for lunch on Sundays. This is where I learned about Roy Rogers (coke) and scallops. I use to get scallops ever lunch and have still loved them since. Back when Star Wars came out, the waitresses made up names for Coke-a-Cola, like (The Darth Vader). My brother and I use to order the Darth Vader all the time.

The lounge use to be like an area like a sunken living room off of the right of the front doors. I have heard this lounge was the place stuff went down on the island back in the day. I also remember a fireplace down there believe. I don’t remember walking up to the restaurant, just coming through the front doors. Good memories of having lunch and dinner with my family there.

I went into the building a while ago, as I was going to have an office there, instead of working 425 Media out of my dad’s house on bank road. I seemed off to me, from a creative standpoint, I just couldn’t see myself there. Heck, I did pretty well just working out of the library and restaurants.

spinnaker building sold again