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Volunteers Needed for the Vashon Eagles Thanksgiving Dinner

Once again, the Vashon Eagles is having their Thanksgiving Dinner this year. The dinner will be from 2pm through 6pm November 24th. Much like last year, the menu will included some delicious turkey, sides and a dessert. All are invited.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Bring a dish or dishes for the event, the more food the better, based on the economic times, we are expecting a lot of folks to attend.
  2. Sign up to volunteer. Many hands make the load light as someone once said. Please sign up. You can do so by swinging in into the Vashon Eagles and sign up. If you have any questions, call at (206) 463-5477 or send them an email at

If for some reason you are still concerned about COVID, there will be outside as well as inside seating available.

Vashon Eagles Thanksgiving Day Feast 2022