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Patty’s Place – Open and Creating Deliciousness

Patty's Place - Vashon Island Restaurant

Patty’s Place is one of our hidden gems. Off the main drag, Patty’s place often gets overlooked by many for an option for breakfast or lunch. If you have not been to Patty’s place you have been missing out. 

NOTE: Patty’s place is a restaurant, Patty’s Tamales, are made in the kitchen, but the restaurant includes tradition lunch and breakfast food along with some great surprises, which I will talk about a little later.

I have ordered tamales from Patty’s before, but I had not come in for breakfast. I heard that they had made some changes to their menu and were taking the COVID threat seriously so I decided to swing in an try it out and I am glad I did.

First, the place is immaculate. You can tell Patty’s and the crew are taking customer safety seriously. Tables are only available “every other”, with lots of space in between each other. You need to wear a mask in, but once you have ordered and are seated, you can take your mask off. Second, with the hotter days, Patty’s has great tinted windows and air conditioning, which makes dining very comfortable. The Outside – In decor of windows, street lamps and star filled skies makes a great place for an intimate dinner or an event.

Another cool thing is Patty’s Place lets customers bring in their own silverware and mugs if they want. Due to COVID, Patty’s Place only use disposable dishes. There are a couple of reasons for this according to Patty. First, it limits the risk for her staff catching something from washing and handling dishes. Second, it saves water and third it allows of guests to bring in their own silverware and mugs. I thought that was a nice touch. As far as I know, there are not any other places allowing this.

Now, on to the food. I ordered the two egg breakfast with bacon. I asked for the eggs and bacon to be well done. Guess what? They were well done! The potatoes had some great spices and were delicious as well. Patty came out and asked if I had her famous crunchy french toast… She sold me. I ordered that as well. OMG. This is the best french toast I have ever had. It is crunchy, but moist in the middle. It was so good. I challenge anyone to find a better french toast.  So, so good.

While I was in there, a nice couple came in and sat on the other side of the restaurant. They ordered the Korean Spare Ribs… I had heard others talk about them before, but I had not yet tried them. When they arrived at the customers table, the lady said “These smell SO GOOD! I just want to sit here and smell them all day!”. All I heard after that is how good they were. These are next on my list of things to try at Patty’s Place.

Patty the chef/owner will come out and talk to people which is really great. I love hearing the stories behind the dishes and recipes. One such recipe which is fabulous is her handmade Ginger Asian salad dressing. It’s incredible! She gets people asking for jars of it all of the time. Eventually Patty says that she will go through the process of getting it out to the public for distribution. 

Service was great. I was asked about refills a number of times and felt that I was taken care of very well. 

If you have not tried Patty’s Place yet, please do. They have an online take-out menu which makes it very convenient. You can pay online, just come in and pick up your grub!  You get great food at a great price along with awesome service. Patty is a chef that loves making food people love, and it really shows.

Patty's Place Vashon Island Restaurant - Great breakfast